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We helped auto recyclers ARN  move to a smaller office while supporting a  more flexible work environment

At a glance
Location Breukelen
Size 400m2
Budget <€100,000
Project Type Workplace


ARN are industry leaders in recycling your car when it is past it useful life. EU members are obliged to re-purpose 95% of the weight of a car at the end of its life - ARN helps companies to exceed this goal by working with their own clients in creating a circular economy.

Support a new way of working

ARN came to us with the tricky but increasingly common problem - wanting to move to a smaller office without sacrificing the benefits of a larger space.  This meant understanding how their business worked and creating spaces that can perform more than one function. With a modest budget to match this project really embraced the ethos of doing more with less.

It all begins at the centre

The triangle floor plan with views and light from two directions directed the organisation of the office.  All workplaces are located in a band around the perimeter in groups of four, inter-spread with acoustic baffles, storage and plants.  In the center are three focus rooms  off-set from each other to create three bonus spaces - small meetings, phone calls and a reception area. An example of trying to get more from each space - the focus rooms are built off-site from solid CLT wood, felt panels and glass and were assembled in just 2 days.

Sustainability built in

As you might expect from a client focused on sustainable issues, as well as the natural linoleum floor, low-waste CLT focus rooms and DeVorm acoustic panels made from recycled PET bottles the client also did some simple things right like reusing as much of the old office as possible!

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