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When its small – the details really count

Turning a studio apartment into a one bedroom home is tricky.  It means designing down to the mm2 and making sure each areas has what it needs

At a glance
Location Amsterdam East
Size 45m2
Budget <50,000

Make the most from this studio Apartment

With a limited space we focused on the basics - enough room for a bed and easy access - enough storage & closet space while using the remaining living space to still have a living room, dining room and kitchen worth their name  

Its in the details

With the layout agreed we used a toolbox of small tricks to make the space seem larger and lighter.  We crafted full height doors, defined by a negative detail making the 2.6m ceiling height seem larger.  Meanwhile we built-in storage everywhere  - for the living room, bedroom and for our clients not inconsiderable sneaker collection.  A single curved wall  is used in the only corner in the apartment - helping to soften what would otherwise be a prominent corner sticking into the entry & living room, making it seem larger than its 45m2

Sometimes our client are pretty complementary...

"The work Simon did to reshape my studio into a one-bedroom apartment with extra storage, has meant that I've ended up living in a place that feels like it was built for me. From the initial consultation, to the final touch, he brought innovative responsive solutions to the table, as well as new textures and materials that I cherish living with, and have kept a constant stream of compliments flowing for the house. His hands-on approach meant that every detail was planned out and worked through, and I love the results." Tui McFarland

Are you looking to get more out of your current home?

We can help you get more out of your current space - we’ve helped clients turn their existing home into their dream home they thought they would have to move to achieve.  We do this by listening carefully, working within an agreed budget & timeframe and combining our own expertise and skill in bringing all the pieces together

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