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Simon, we want it all!

Jeroen & Joop, the brains behind popupcity.net had a wish list for their new office that at first glance seemed impossible – wanting to stretch a tiny budget and small space to create a workplace and events space for between 4-40 people!

While we are always up for a challenge this might usually have scared us a off! – but as urbanists focused on people & projects that create change (usually on low budgets) we knew that if any client could help us to achieve this it was Joop & Jeroen!



At a glance
Location Amsterdam North
Budget Tiny
Size 80m2
Project Type Workplace

Meet Jeroen & Joop

Golfstromen makes groundbreaking spatial concepts, events and communication campaigns for companies and governments. Meanwhile alter ego Popupcity.net  launched in 2008, out of a fascination for the ways in which citizens, organizations, enterprises, and governments were coming up with creative and flexible solutions to deal with this new urban dynamic.

Can we make an awesome work-space, use it for events - and do it cheaply?

Golfstromen have seen a lot of projects with big ambition and no budget to match.  This gave us the confidence to say yes we can and approach the project differently from the start.  Looking to create a strong identity on what will be a main avenue in Amsterdam's ever changing north - Jeroen & Joop asked for a mix of workspaces, room for events & workshop for up to 40 people along with display and storage for the publications and studies the urban studio produces.

Off the Wall

The studio is in a double height shop front with mezzanine.  This enabled us to divide the project in two and use magic to create more space out of the small footprint - the ground floor became a flexible space - for meetings & workshops as well as a break space for the team.  The mezzanine became the main work area able to be adapted for workshop and event use - while also giving access to a shared roof terrace. As a new building in good shape - we directed the budget and programme into one multi-function wall  running the length and height of the building.  A giant pegboard wall creates a lot of storage as well as pin up & presentation space. The character of the office is defined from the front where the wall climbs the full height with plants and a strong graphic pattern in green & grey/pink

Sometimes its better to let your client speak for you ;)

"One of the great things was Simon's collaborative approach. Simon guided us through the decision-making process, making clearly visible what our choices would mean for both our future working situation as well as the budget. Now that we're really working here we can say that this intensive process has paid off. We're really happy with the office space and the opportunities it gives us!"  Joop de Boer

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