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Hacking & adaptive re-use of old projects

-Working with our old clients Superheroes we created a new office out of their old one

Our original design in 2013 took into account they might need to move in 5 years so we attempted to make an office that was reusable.  Our approach built CNC cut components from OSB which we assembled with wooden pegs.  – We have recently helped them move into an old ABM bank building on the beautiful Keizersgracht in Amsterdam

* watch this space for more photos & details

At a glance
Client Superheroes BV
Location Keizersgracht, Amsterdam
Size 750m2
Project Type Workplace

Meet Superheros Django & Rogier

Superheroes are a full service, digitally native agency with a reputation for disruptive creative.

In the ever-evolving sea of white noise, SuperHeroes are on a mission to save the world from boring advertising: the type that’s always on repeat and never paid attention to.

Are you looking to get more out of your current workplace?

Are you looking to get more out of your current workplace? Looking to use your existing office more efficiently and boost productivity.  Or perhaps, like many of your clients you are on a growth trajectory and are looking for a new space to call home?

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