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The good oil: garage becomes a yoga studio

Lana & Mercedes run  a studio where they are known for going the extra mile for their yogis – we helped by creating a space that supports their approach to yoga

At a glance
Location De Baarsjes, Amsterdam
Size <150m2
Budget <50,000

Meet Lana & Mercedes

Lana & Mercedes run  a traditional, down-to-earth yoga studio with a lot of personal attention from the heart of Amsterdams de Baarsjes neighbourhood

Small Budget & an old garage - What is possible?

With a low budget and an old garage to convert we started by exploring what was possible with our clients - experience is key and we quickly created a priority list for all the small and large features that make practicing yoga better.

Balance & a warm floor

We created a studio that adopts a house in a house approach.  The entry is the front garden, a place to catch your breath, store your gear, and catch up over a fresh mint tea which you can cut yourself from plants growing along the back wall. Stepping down into the small house you cross the threshold to the studio - a focused calm space centered on a small garden.  The floor throughout is heated with painted cork in the studio & tiles in the bathrooms.  Aside from the cork the only other materials are regular framing timber and birch plywood.

Collaboration was key

Lana & Mercedes  have started to build a much loved local yoga studio - they tell us they

love that the space is a welcoming haven, sheltered from the bustle of city life.

A small, modest project this was a lot of fun to work on - trying to balance the space to support the practice of yoga in an old garage was a challenge that worked because of our close collaboration with our clients

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