Laneway pop-up with a pulsing twist

A pop-up retail store in Melbournes laneway district – all products are hung from above  with the laneway becoming the storefront. At night the space is used for party’s and events

At a glance
Location Melbourne
Budget 90,000 AUD
Size 80m2

Bellow=Hello - Drawing attention down the alley

The Melbourne lanways are a busy high-end retail location.  However just meters away are discused secondary alleyways, often dead-ends used for storing trash cans.

Our proposal uses this space by building a large ETFE roof above the laneway floor.  When the store is open products hang from pulleys above - meanwhile at night the bottom can be closed up.  With products hanging high above the space below can be used for events and parties.

To get the attention of people walking 20m away we hang a full size curtain/sail from the facade with a wind machine bellowing behind.

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