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We dubbed this project the Swedish Army Knife – after it’s compact 6x6m living room became the focus of our renovation for our two Swedish clients. Installing new full height sliding doors and 2 large roof lights our clients green fingers made this light filled Attic✨.

Thanks for the great pics @sigrid.keidel

Carl & Carina

Carl & Carina embraced the ethos of don't move improve.  Having lived in their top floor apartment in Amsterdam's de Pijp neighborhood for a number of years they were keen to stay but wanted their space to better fit and support their lives

Carl & Carina understood their brief when it came to making a brief

A home is an intimate design challenge - working with a clients often largest investment on spaces that will either support or frustrate their lives!  This works best with open communication and an open mind.  Carl & Carina understood this from the outset with a clear budget up front, a short list of practical requirements and an open mind on how to deliver on this!

Character in the corners

The small footprint and need to locate the kitchen, living , dining and work/craft space meant we needed an efficient organising system.  We moved each function to the corners and loaned space from the center depending on activity. A new staircase to the roof terrace is a feature while still fitting calmly in the room.  Holding this together was a simple material palette and an emphasis on natural light and nature

Sharp as a knife with none of the hard edges

For a compact home in the middle of one of Amsterdam's densest neighborhoods the sense of quiet calm and connection to nature is our favourite thing about this house

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